Meet TinyAsk, a tool that provides simple access to the worlds best internet search engines and information resources RIGHT FROM YOUR ADDRESS bar. :) Pointless? No. Brilliant. Read on.

Just type in the address bar followed by yodur search term, hit enter, and search!

Ex: in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

You can also use it in page links: Carmen Sandiego

want more options?

But wait, there’s more. The follwing lists a extension of short-cuts for the TinyTask tool. TinyTask, by default, searches all these resources. But what if you only wanted to focus on one? It does that too! :) For example:

To search Digg ONLY - use
To search Google ONLY - use
To search Live ONLY - use
To search Mahalo ONLY - use
To search Netscape ONLY - use (Not sure why you’d fucking bother, though?) :)
To search YouTube ONLY - use
To search Yahoo ONLY - use

TinyTask was Developed by David LeMieux

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