Saw this over Iain’s shoulder yesterday and I just had to share. Running is a solitary sport. But the interwebs (and all sorts of mobile / community apps) have created a tremendous opportunity to “lessen the running loneliness” as it were. Adidas Japan, making full use of leading-edge web technology, has introduced a brand new app that aims to do just that.

Meet Hello! Runners Map developed by 777interactive. The user/runner can show up either pre/post run and draw their route on a map. Once drawn, the widget then gives them their route mashed up using Google Street View to preview and “pre-run” their run. But what I thought was really cool was that you can share that mashup - a fun way to play and display your runs for other friends (foes?). Put it on your bloggy pants or even on your MyFace and SpaceBook. Heck even tweet that shit. Pretty neato.

Oh, and bear with some of the translation weirdness. This launched in Japan. Weeeee!