Netflix just “got rich.”

537861-1585649-thumbnail.jpgSomehow this seems cooler/more viable than the apple TV. The new Netflix Player by Roku (about 100 bucks) lets you watch movies and TV shows from your Netflix queue, right on your TV. Bummer that it is yet another set-top box I have to plop on my TV, (ditch my SlingBox??) but it provides instant access to a library of 10,000 Netflix movies and TV shows (Currently 10% of the library and counting.)

The player features Wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi, HDMI and Component Video, and comes with a simple remote control to boot.

what’s the rich idea??

Wait for it. Waaaaiiiit for iiiit… NO EXTRA COST. Bam! You just have to buy the box and have a Netflix subscription. Awesome.