Hey peeps. You owe me a friggin’ beer. Pay up.

537861-1256543-thumbnail.jpgSo I found this pretty neat little web toy called Foamee a while back. It is a free service that helps track who you owe beers to (and vice-versa) using Twitter.  And Yay! Foamee now has support for coffee! Just follow @ioucoffee or @ioubeer on Twitter (you are Twittering by now, right?) and follow these steps:

 Send someone an I.O.U. for coffee or a beer likey here:

@ioucoffee @meat99 for being like, totally awesome.

Then keep track of those I.O.U.s (for beer and coffee!) on your people page (here’s mine). Kinda a fun Twitterati way to send a thanks and a smile while using twitter the way you always do. Interneato!

cool geek note:

You automatically get a profile on Foamee once you actually “Tweet” a beef, coffee, etc. What’s more, it has a little script that instructs Foamee to follow you once you decide to follow it.<p>