I discovered the book Generation T recently and it inspired me to do come bubble surfing. I stumbled on two things you should take a peek at.

sclipoeye_big.pngYou definitely need to check out Sclipo. It is a video sharing community focused on demonstration and learn through videos and live webcam. You can research just about anything, health, clothes, gadgets, sports, software, cooking, cars, etc. The best part? Scippo features the ability for you manage, promote and teach your own skills via your webcam. Rad.

As with any social network, theres all kinds of distribution and ranking functions in order to “evaluate videos and Sclipo members, helping others find good stuff fast.” Its funny how most of the 2nd generation video sharing networks are becoming more niche in the way you might expect a “channel” on Television to.

Then, while popping around Sclipo I found this video from the Threadbanger bunch. Sweet.

Oh, and if you’re really lazy, give  Solo Jones  10 days and your favorite Transformers T and they’ll shoot you back a sweet pair of underoos so you and Megatron and be more snuggly then ever. Weeeee!

But enough about that. I need to figure out what class I’m going to go teach. Any suggestions? :)