So yeah. I’ve become a facebook junkie. (And a twitter and flickr junkie) to boot. Linked-in is still there - making a bit of a vie for my attention recently with all its new members, but nowhere quite as much as the others. And twittering - it takes dedication! Its all a man can stand but I’ve gotta say, so far it has been rewarding. I’ve hired on to POKE 2 great people through facebook in the past month. All in all it has been a lot of fun and honestly its a daily learning experience.

But none of us are social networkie smart enough yet. None of us. (Yes, even you Zeldman, Creamer and Jaffe). I mean, you are damn smart about Socialopolis but we all have a lot more to learn.

I think Facebook learned something important this week.

fbook.jpgQuick, check your Facebook profile. Notice something different? You should see something up top that looks like the picture to the left. Facebook has made some updates that include enhancements to the way your profile is handled and casted into the web. These changes will up both Facebooks SEO optimization as well as your personal name bouncing around google the next time someone is searching for you. I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the fact that Facebook told you about all of this and they didn’t have to (Ahem, Twiter) - with ample time to respond. Nice.