sunday.jpgHeard of Sunday? They provide 24/7 assistance with nearly any task that can be completed remotely (in about 30 minutes). I can remember seeing ideas like this come and go throughout the booms but perhaps this one just might make it.

here’s why

They are practicing some Rich Thinking. Sunday thinks it might be cool if you could buy an opportunity to communicate with your target through them from inside the customer experience. Think of it as “real” or “personal” media. Say you use FreshDirect, Sunday could have agents on the “FreshDirect Account” now acting on your behalf in a more personal way. Those who know me know I am a firm believer that the more interactive you are with your customer the better chance you have for building loyalty - this could turn that knob to 11.

Your brand, ready, with its party hat on whenever your consumer is at a point of consideration for it? Score.