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3.16 Billion Cycles” is a clock designed by Che-Wei Wang. 1 cycle takes 1 seconds, 3.16 billion cycles will take 100 years. After that time the clock will fall apart due to the gap in the outer arc.

3.16 Billion Cycles from che-wei wang on Vimeo.

from the site:

A 60 rpm (revolutions per minute) motor drives the entire mechanism. It rotates once every second. The following pulley rotates once every 5 seconds (1:5 ratio). The next rotates once every 60 seconds or 1 minute. Then 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, and 1 decade. The decade wheel carries the load of the large arc. The large arc rotates once every century. The final ratio between the 60 rpm motor and the large arc is approximately 1:31.6 billion.

Each wheel is marked with a black nut to highlight a position that could be tracked over time. Along the arc, 100 lines mark the divisions of each passing year. When the clock finally reaches the end of a 100 year cycle, the arc falls off its track onto the floor.



another (perfectly) nerdy fashion trend

Having a virtual personality and social network online is as important for todays and especially tomorrows Netcitizen as having a physical presents in this world. The line between online and offline is getting blurred with todays communication tools that allow us to stay connected almost everywhere, anytime.

Meet the “clickable” dress.

Nadya Peek, an MIT Media Lab student, created a unique interactive dress to close the gap between our presents in the physical and virtual world. Her project Caché aims to bring interactivity, a virtual poke into the physical presents via clothing.

And it’s awesome.

But how cool would it be if you rigged up a lil’ arduino in there and automatically posted a Tweet or a “Poke” to the person on Spacebook or MyFace just by touching them. Ok, now I’m just crazy. Enjoi!



2009 web trend map

Wow. The Web Trend Map is a yearly publication by IA, Inc. This doc maps the 333 most influential web domains and the 111 most influential internet people onto the Tokyo Metro Map.

Intense. Yet - wonderfully simple.  Download the original here.


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the itsy bitsy search engine

Meet TinyAsk, a tool that provides simple access to the worlds best internet search engines and information resources RIGHT FROM YOUR ADDRESS bar. :) Pointless? No. Brilliant. Read on.

Just type in the address bar followed by yodur search term, hit enter, and search!

Ex: in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

You can also use it in page links: Carmen Sandiego

want more options?

But wait, there’s more. The follwing lists a extension of short-cuts for the TinyTask tool. TinyTask, by default, searches all these resources. But what if you only wanted to focus on one? It does that too! :) For example:

To search Digg ONLY - use
To search Google ONLY - use
To search Live ONLY - use
To search Mahalo ONLY - use
To search Netscape ONLY - use (Not sure why you’d fucking bother, though?) :)
To search YouTube ONLY - use
To search Yahoo ONLY - use

TinyTask was Developed by David LeMieux

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