Yay! Another fun lil’ project from your friends at POKE.

Meet TweetToad. Your little “yes-man” on the interwebz. :) TweetToad.com is a simple service that helps you (re)Tweet just the way the pros do—over and over again!

Know someone who always has the BEST Tweets?! Give them the incessant reassurance they need with all-new TweetToad. Pick ONE friend and TweetToad will give them a Twitter high-five every time they tap a great Tweet.

Or maybe it’s you that needs the love? Get the (re)Tweets you deserve! Set up your own Toady Account and have turn him into your own personal Yes-Man! He’ll tell you how great you are one Tweet at at time. (You ARE great you know.)

Join the (re)Tweet revolution. Before it gets hit by a massive burning truck.