squidder barcode t shirt 480x342

Dear Squidder, you win.

why, you ask?

The genius flash-in-the-pants and optical-recognition lovers that go by the name Squidder have been showing off two new systems that tie augmented reality into Twitter. Their first project is a t-shirt with a FLAR barcode that, when recognized by a webcam-enabled computer, pulls up the encoded Twitter username and displays their latest tweet as a video overlay. Rediculious. (That means awesome, Mom.)

Augmented Reality T-Shirts:

(Please visit here for more info on the Augmented Reality Shirt Project.)

The second task, meanwhile, is cutting out the barcode and having the system recognize users by face. Redonkulous. (Even more awesomer than rediculous.)

Facial Recognition meets Twitter:

(Please visit here for more info on the Augmented Reality Shirt Project.)

Hokay soh, the facial-recognition system isn’t totally working; it currently doesn’t actually recognize individual users, just any face moving into frame. However software that can do that is already out there, and merely requires some more time and effort pulling everything together.

Of course, Twitter is just one source of information; Squidder is also suggesting that the system could call up a Facebook profile, or in fact just about anything.

Is it all getting all Minority Report in here?

[via Official UK LG blog]