You might have heard of the new craze of being able to DNA and Gene map with companies like 23andMe where you get a “Mint-like” output of your bodies most intimate and intricate details - including ancestry and health related risks as you grow older. Sweet. Sign me up.

But this post isn’t about that. It seems there is another company rushing to the DNA documentation business, but this time - as an Art Form. That’s right. Apparently your DNA is beautiful and you can hang a snap of it in your room. Check out DNA-DX.

from the site:

DNA-DX has fused science and art to bring you GenePortraits. These dazzling paintings are the most beautiful and modern Canvas representations of the most important person you know, You.

the process is simple:

1. Customise your GenePortrait through our website
2. Send us your DNA sample using our ‘painless cheek swab’ sampling kit
3. Await your masterpeice