More innovation in the music world. I love when musicians dabble in social media. When done right, it can be a elegant smashing of the “3rd wall”.

Jimmy Eat World has just launched a new site for its American tour that uses Twitter to give fans an easy way to chat about each concert before, after and during the event. Awesome. To use the system, simply send a tweet to @jimmyeatworld, followed by the date of the upcoming concert you’ll be attending. Here are the complete instructions:

Check out the new Jimmy Eat World tour section at! You can tweet about our upcoming tour dates by tweeting @jimmyeatworld #YYYYMMDD (where YYYYMMDD is the date of the show). For example, @jimmyeatworld #20090223 can’t wait to see you in New York!

Tweets pertaining to each show are separated and presented on their own pages, wich is awesome as it makes each show moving forward gets a “social documentary” of sorts that could live on far longer than the show or the band themselves. Really amazing way to relive a moment. Imagine reliving woodstock? Actually scratch that.  Bad idea.

Anyhows, it’s a cool system, but it could probably use some work - for example - the length of the hash tags (#___) could get frustrating if you wanted to really chat it up. Hey guys, why not use an easy abbreviation for each show #sf_jimmy).

Just another sign that Twitter is definitely going mainstream.