This makes me mad/happy. We had a similar idea for one of our clients but they were too slow to make it happen (sorry guys, if you’re reading…). Anyway. This looks like a fantastic opportunity for Databanana to branch out.

chapter one:

chapter two:

chapter three:

Pretty cool, eh? I’ll post the new chapters as they happen. Maybe one of them will even be from POKE. :)

how it works:

Rootclip provides an initial story idea with a “root” or starter clip - one to two minutes of compelling video that begins a story and is totally open-ended. The video gives the subsequent contributors whatever details they’ll need to continue the unchangeable parts of the story. How the story ultimately ends is up though, is completely up to you, the contributor. Contributors then submit their one-minute videos to move the story along to the next chapter, with voting on all video submissions so the most voted upon video is used for the next chapter. A total of six chapters are used to complete the story - and take that initial story idea into totally unexpected directions. Ultimately, Rootclip is about the user community. Contributors to YouTube, amateur and Indie filmmakers, budding screenwriters, even actors that want to show their stuff - all get a chance to contribute their best material to Rootclip to add to the story. The best, one to two minute video submissions are added over time to the original story idea until an exciting six to 12 minute film is completed.

a lil’ incentive too!

Each one minute video submission that becomes a chapter in the story gets acknowledgment in the Rootclip video credits and a cash prize of $500. The Grand Prize winner gets a trip to the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan to hobnob with Indie film producers and creative types. Michael Moore programs and plans this festival and will meet with the ultimate Rootclip winner. Are you listening members of the uber-fragmented network media? Are you watching FOX News with your average viewership of age 63? Your future targets are getting their entertainment elsewhere. Here’s a thought: stop watching your ratings drop and start participating. That is all.