Had an amazing “reverse the flow” moment this AM while listening to k-rock. Opie and Anthony had the “Myth Buster” guys over to promote Discovery Network’s upcoming “Shark Week”.

Opie and Anthony where getting into it and really had done their homework. They spent time asking all kinds of questions. The lot of them got around to the subject of capturing Sharks on film:

Oh man have you seen this video? (He then describes a video where a woman gets her leg eaten and was caught on film).

“no, maybe next year…”

Oh well this one, you must have this on the show? (Host then calls up YouTube and shows this clip of shark bait surfing.) Which is totally awesome:

“hmm. nope. missed that too.”

No really. You must know about about this one! (shows another)

“no. that would have been awesome.”

It was a total shit show. Finally one of them says, “Damn, YouTube has better stuff than you do!”

“hey man. we haven’t seen them. can you stop?”


Speaking of awesome, if you really want to see some interesting shark week video, try UPL8.TV/shark+attack It’s always shark week there. And you’ll get better clips. Tee hee.