Dear Brands,

The digital world has created expectations that you’re not living up to.

It is human nature to expect access. (Just ask your mom how many times you pulled on the cabinet door under the kitchen sink when you were a rugrat). See? We want it. All of it, (dammit). It’s true, always been true and it’s never going away.

And now _sheesh_ we want more.

More information, services, ideas, more of each other and more value from you, the brand we grace with our attention. We also want to manage our relationships with your company, and to have_among other things_ instantaneous transactional capabilities. These expectations are increasing, not going away. To matters worse…

We also want less.

Less emails, less hold times, less crap snail mail and really - less interaction with you. That is of course, unless we want more interaction with you. Then, you know, give us that too.

What is interesting to us however, is how big the divide is between companies/brands that understand us and those of you that still seem to cower or struggle in the digital dark. Even more oddly, some of YOU have been fighting this movement. You’re hiding. You’re desperately holding on to an analog world. You’re running the risk of alienating and becoming irrelevant to the very person that some day you’ll have to sell burgers, health care, computers, baby clothes, and a new car to.

What you seem to be missing is the fact that this digital movement is putting more power at not just the consumer’s but ALL OF OUR collective fingertips. Even BRANDS LIKE YOU in this “Always-On” age are empowered. So why so fearful, Mr. Brand?

If you’d find it difficult to live with out Google, Netflix, Twitter, you see our point. If you get the point, how are you going to change your behavior?