So there’s all this hoopla about Toshiba airing their old commercial about football and what happens after the game and what-not, despite it being you know, not good. Side note - the ads sucked last night. I mean really sucked.

Yah so anyhowse, they aired this ancient commercial. In SD. In limited markets. (I actually don’t even remember it, so there’s a good chance it wasn’t in my market either…). People! IN Standard Def. In LIMITED MARKETS. Why friggin’ bother? Oh I know - so they can get online distribution, right? Um, no. At least not as far as I can see. This AM I couldn’t find it on the myspace page, the nfl page, or hulu. Jaysus talk about blunders.


Hokay so, while Toshiba has every right to spend its money on advertising, what they should have done was spent that 3 Zillion on some innovation. New interactive platform? HD burner / with cheap HD Disc distribution? HULU HD partnership??? Sigh. Nothing they showed in this ad is new in any way - so why pay boocoo for a SB Spot? Because they’re scared, that’s why. And they’re not alone…

We haven’t seen the end folks. In fact, this is just the beginning of the noise your favorite media brands are going to put you through during the next 3 years. They are coming to the realization their old model cannot hold. The writer’s strike. The Blu-Ray war. Hulu. Apple TV. Hell, even Jet-Blue’s TV sets. The signs of change are all around. What do we have to show for it? A tornado of desperation. Sweet.

BTW: If you didn’t watch the SB it had quite possibly the best 4th quarter that I’ve ever seen. (And I’m not just saying that bc I’m a Giants fan). Geaux Giants!! :P