The following is a response to a posting I found today:

my response:

2008 is the beginning of the “Curation” process. There is a quality revolution taking place in social media - video’s, blogs, photos, microblogs, etc will get more specific and more focused. Content will be much more focused on “how good it is” not on “how many people have seen it”.

excerpt from the posting:

Looking back at Social Media, we have had a significant advance (a ‘this year’s big thing’) every year since 2004.

In 2004
- blogs started to really take off
In 2005
- audio podcasts started to take off
In 2006
- video podcasts started to take off
In 2007
- microblogging (Twitter, etc) started to take off
In 2008
- ???

We are in November now of 2008 and I still don’t see any big transformative Social Media technology which has occurred this year.

Has it stalled? What am I missing?

What do you think?