Last week the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization announced the winners of the 51st annual Good Design Awards. This show is always discovering some really cool stuff, and the judging committee, is typically made up of a couple dozen designers, journalists, architects, and marketers. This year they even showed off their nerdy side by awarding Zarigani WorksKorejanai Robo a prize.

Korejanai Robo translates literally to “not this robot” and is created as an ode to all those kids who once really wanted something, like say a toy robot, and got something way less techie, like a light-brite or a GI-Joe.

To add to the irony, Korejanai Robo is not really a robot, but rather a wooden doll that looks like a Robot (you getting all this?). Last year the doll became popular on the interwebs and was even made into a USB drives and keychains, securing it’s place in cult item history.

just remember:

This is not what I wanted!!

Kids they might say that word with ugly screaming! Xmas is always great moment, this item is transformed into a battlefield, Guaranteed! Have you ever done this any situations before? Maybe not, people are not willing to have unhappy situation,but life is so long. kids learn about something important things from that. Especially, it is not possible to have whatever you want without any kind of risk or achievement. Let’s try Korejanai-Robo for cultivation of aesthetic sentiments!