Quite often songs are written about the body. But different songs and more importantly different genres of music focus on different body parts. Guess which genre focuses on the “booty”? :)

This site is awesome. It’s called Fleshmap and it charts (based on a sample of thousands songs) the frequency of body parts in that genre. Then they represented visually on a map. The size of a circle corresponds to how often that part is mentioned in each genre. Click on a genre name to see a close-up that shows exactly what words were used.

from the site:

Fleshmap is an inquiry into human desire, its collective shape and individual expressions. In a series of studies, we explore the relationship between the body and its visual and verbal representation. (It) investigates the relationship between language and the body. Verbal manifestations of human physicality in music, poetry, and religion are distilled to their basic elements. In a play with language, the “body rebus” emerges as a visual representation of cultural expressions of the physical in us. Read more about their method here. Nice work!