Hey there. So first off, this posting assumes you know what the Global Positioning System is. If you don’t, go here.

537861-1048266-thumbnail.jpgCool. Now that that’s out of the way, check this out: GPSies. It’s a little service based on an idea by Klaus Bechtold. Klaus (who is an enthusiastic runner and also happens to be a software developer) has created a place where you can view and download tracks recorded by GPS devices. So the next time you are headed out there looking for a great place to explore or a way to discover an unbeaten path, with GPSies you can see what Tracks others have recorded. GPSies sorts by things like difficulty, jogging routes or Mountain Bike Tracks, and once you’ve found one that might interest you, just download it to your GPS device and off you go. Oh yeah, and the usage of GPSies is free. Nice.

right, so. consumer friendly?

This is a great little utility just dying to be branded by a outdoor sporting company or mobile provider. Remember, building a community and offering valuble utility can be very powerful and have much more staying power than just a clever message. (Just ask Yahoo about a little thing called Flickr - or MASH which I’m experimenting with right now and you should be too.  Want an invite?

When is the last time your advertising was as useful as it was clever?

Over and out.