So, advertising has become a battle field between valuable, interactive brand experiences and broad-based one way messages. Yes?


And “interactive advertising” (what some people call that stuff we do)* is blowing the doors off traditional brand messages for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which being that interactive measurement systems are laser focused, sharp and malleable. Read: NOT simple and empty like those in TV, print and radio world. Yes?

Hmm. Ok.

Then you really need to meet this guy. Because:  a. He doesn’t get it. b. Sadly, he’s not alone. And c. This thinking is part of “the problem.”

Silly me. And I was here building a company around usesless things like “interaction rate,” “time spent,” “cookies,” “clicks,” “google page rank,” and imagine this, “BUZZ.” What was I thinking?

*POKE doesn’t. :)