Sitting here waiting for MK Simon Aaron to pick me for day two of POKE Summit 1.0 and I realized I hadn’t updated in a bit.

Been thinking a lot about unique Christmas presents for this year and something dawned on me. The wave of print self-publishing tools that has been crashing over us recently is a great personal way to tell someone how totally awesome you think they are.

537861-1185992-thumbnail.jpgBetter yet, the formats are kinda interesting too. Take Lulu for example. Lulu enables would-be printed content moguls to break into “publishing.” Books, videos, CDs, DVDs, calendars, reports can be then distributed around the world at 2x’s the author royalty as other traditional methods. Yay!

So why  not use their paperback format and write a loved one a story to put in their stocking?  Or, how about you choose the catalog format and pick all the priceless things you think are great (or not?!) about them? Cheesy? No - personal. My favoirite idea - and remember where you heard this one - is to take the travel guide format and reverse it to plan a trip for someone. Give them the guide as a day by day plan of your awesome vacation you bought em? Not enough money for a vacation? Make one up for a trip to the Zoo, whatevs.  It’s the thought that count’s, geez.  :)

Hokay soh, all this desktop pubishing gifting reminds me How. Not. New. all of this really is.  Remeber Aldus?  Pagemaker?  PRINT SHOP? Oh boy did I make some weird shit on my C64 back in the day. Sorry Mom.  Lol.

K, peeps.  Out.  Happy Xmas hunting.