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The two coolest things you'll find online today.

1. Turntube

Cross fade YouTube videos and create playlists. ‘nuff said.

2. KickAss

Bored? How about turning any webpage into an awesome time-killing totally nostalgic asteroids game. In seconds. Thought so. Try it on my site, here. Just click this: Kick Ass!

Rad, right?  Want to blow up any webpage? Drag those same words to your toolbar. Head to your favorite site. Hit the button. Bam. Yer Welcome.



(thanks @neonarcade for the tip on Kick Ass.)



one man's trash...

One man’s trash is… well, another man’s trash that he keeps in a clear plastic cube. New York City, perhaps the most interesting city in the world, undoubtedly has some interesting trash. One artist decided why not box it up and sell it all over the world to people who want a unique and fitting piece of the city. Justin Gignac of NYC Garbage artistically arranges soda cans, receipts, club flyers, parking tickets and other junk and signs and dates each cube of trash. Get your own here.