Dear Brands, Businesses, Marketers, & Entrepreneurs:  

It’s time to stop creating ads and start making useful things that advertise.
— People :)

The digital world has created expectations that most brands and businesses still have not lived up to.

Meanwhile "agencies" have been speeding money beating people in the head when they should have been engaging them. Brands have been buying the worlds largest billboards when they should have been innovating. Businesses have been looking for ways to disrupt when they should have been focused on offering people experiences so good, they'd gladly tell someone else.

And if that’s not enough, the very agencies that advise these marketers forgot that 95% of us get our brand, business, game, friend, family, "I've got two minutes let's see what going on right now" fix right from the palm of our hands.

Question: When is the last time you went to your favorite soft-drink website?

Favorite yogurt?

Potato chip?? 

I can't remember either.

Face it, no one wants to be advertised toonline or otherwise.

Do you? 

Do you want more dazzling over-produced marketing-slaw for lunch?  

Me either.

Not on those terms, anyway.

Jaysus, something has to change. 

I for one am fighting the good fight. I stopped making ads and started making useful things that happen to advertise. And I base everything I do at Makeable on the following principles:

People want more.

More information, service, ideas, more access to each other and more value from you, the brand they grace with their attention. They also want to manage their relationship with you, and to have—among other things—instantaneous transactional capability. These expectations are increasing, not going away. 

People also want less.

Less emails, less hold times, less crap junk mail and really—less interaction with you in general. That is of course, unless they want more interaction with you. Then, you know, give them that too.

People want value. 

And it's up to you to figure out what is valuable to those you wish to engage. Spend ALL your time getting this right.  

People want access. 

And it's up to you to make the feeling, experience, place or thing you give access to deliver real value. It's human nature to desire access. But only if there is perceived value behind the door. (Just ask mom how many times you pulled on the cabinet door under the kitchen sink when you were a rug-rat). :)

People *like* to be engaged.  

But if you want that engagement to turn into anything of value for your business, it's your obligation to ensure they derive value from it. Importantly, you'll need to try engage them with experiences where they are not necessarily where you want them to be. 

Question: If your brand, product or service fully lived in the contemporary digital world that your target does, what simple, delightful, and valuable thing would it invent tomorrow?  This is an important discussion to have before you spend that money on another campaign.

What can your business do to better the digital lives of those you target?

What does your brand already have the right to talk about and publish?

What kind of new product or service invention can live under your message?

Question: What companies or influencers can you partner with that are already delighting your very target. How can you MESH with them? You’re already halfway there.

Now for the hard part - bringing it to life. Welcome to my world.

It’s funny, designing something simple and useful is harder than you’d think. And measuring how social and successful it is? Even harder. These pages are dedicated to those that quietly execute Smart rather than Loud. And all that embrace Value over Intrusiveness.